SHOW 417 .. 13th November 2011

- The Lipizzaner Museum 
- The House of Linen in Bela krajina  
- Charcoal making
- Forma viva in Portorož 
- Photographer Aleš Fevžer 

The Lipizzaner Museum
The white Lipizzaner horses, which gained world fame due to the riding school of Vienna, are bred in many places around the world, but they originate from Lipica in the Slovenian Karst. The Lipica Stud Farm is the world’s oldest stud farm where horses have been bred continually for 431 years. Today it is the home to some 350 of these noble animals. A museum dedicated to the horses, which has recently opened in Lipica, is one of the most modern museums in the country.
The House of Linen
In the southeast of Slovenia lies Bela krajina, a region famous for its birch forests and linen. The local people are proud of their tradition and have been striving to preserve it. In the village of Adlešiči, which is a well-known ethnological treasure trove, stands the House of Linen, in which the craft of making linen and embroidery by hand has been handed down for generations.
Charcoal making
Charcoal making used to be spread all over Slovenia but has dwindled with time only to be preserved in some places as a tourist attraction. In Dole pri Litiji, however, in the very heart of the country, traditional charcoal making from wooden piles is still very much alive. Charcoal is indispensable for barbecuing, in the fine arts and in some branches of industry.
Forma viva
The Forma viva on the Seča peninsula in Portorož is the oldest open-air sculpture workshop in the world. It has been bringing together artists for fifty years. This year’s event, which hosted sculptors from Italy, the USA and Cuba, was dedicated to Austrian sculptor Karl Prantl, the father of sculpture symposiums.
Photographer Aleš Fevžer
The most famous Slovenian sports photographer, Aleš Fevžer, has been crisscrossing the world with his camera for the past 20 years. He has photographed athletes in the Olympic Games, in world and European championships and in many other competitions. His photographs have appeared in the world’s most prominent sports newspapers and magazines.

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