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- Radovljica 
- The most beautiful libraries 
- The ceramics of Nika Stupica 
- The Beltinci tradition 
- The walnut Potica 

The town of Radovljica in the north-west of Slovenia takes pride in having one of the best preserved medieval town centres in the country. The town was originally established in the 13th century on the terraces above the River Sava and reached its golden age in the 16th century. The most historically interesting part of Radovljica is the central Linhart Square with its picturesque houses. Radovljica also has the only preserved town moat in the country.
The most beautiful libraries
Due to the rise of new technologies and their strong influence on society during the last few decades, libraries have also had to follow the technological advances and become more user-friendly. Architects in particular have risen to the challenge of the new needs of libraries, creating real urban artistic achievements with their contemporary architectural designs. On the online list of the most beautiful European libraries there are seven libraries from Slovenia.
The ceramics of Nika Stupica 
Artist and ceramist Nika Stupica is one of the very few designers in Slovenia working with porcelain. During her studies she began designing bespoke ceramic objects, but a few years later she discovered porcelain and began creating her unique, seemingly fragile, translucent artwork.
The Beltinci tradition
The village of Beltinci in the north-east of Slovenia takes great pride in its rich and diverse natural and cultural heritage, carefully preserved by the local people. As the villagers love to get together and have fun, they have organised a number of local societies which, each in its own way, maintain the heritage passed on from their ancestors.
The Potica 
The potica is one of the best loved cakes in Slovenia. It is traditionally prepared on holidays such as Christmas. There are many different kinds of potica in the country, but the most popular comes with a walnut filling. Particularly famous for its masterfully baked potica is the Pri Kuklju inn in the town of Velike Lašče.

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