SHOW 419 .. 11th December 2011


- The Škocjan Caves 
- Pipistrel 
- Dancer and choreographer I. Kovač 
- Kitsch-Nitsch designer duo 
- A Gingerbread Museum 
The Škocjan Caves
The Škocjan Caves situated on the original Karst, which gave the name to Karst topography, hold a special place among some 10,000 underground caves in Slovenia. Extraordinary as they are, they have been on UNESCO’s world heritage list for a quarter of a century now, thus rivalling such natural pearls as the Grand Canyon and the Galápagos.
Curiosity and a desire to create something new have always been the driving force for Ivo Boscarol, once an excellent glider pilot and multiple national champion with ultra-light planes. Today, his company Pipistrel is the leading producer of ultra-light planes, always one step ahead of its competition. This October, his four-seat electric aircraft, the first of its kind in the world, claimed victory in one of the most prestigious aviation competitions, NASA’s Green Flight Challenge for the most energy efficient aircraft. This was their third victory in NASA challenges. 
Iztok Kovač
Choreographer, dancer and dance teacher, Iztok Kovač, is the author of more than 30 independent dance projects and over ten dance films. After 15 years of leading his dance group ENKnap, who have performed all over Europe and the world, he has Established the first and only professional contemporary dance theatre in Slovenia with international staff.
Kitsch-Nitsch designer duo 
If you think wallpaper is outdated, check out the new decoration idea by Slovenian designers Jaka Neon and David Kladnik - vinyl stickers. The young designers are active in all areas of graphic design, from website design to fascinating interior decoration.
Gingerbread museum
The making of gingerbread – figuratively designed and decorated pastry from sweet honey dough – is a centuries-old traditional Slovenian craft. In its heyday, in the 19th century, gingerbread products were highly valued as tokens of love and festive gifts. Today, the small gingerbread masterpieces make interesting souvenirs. The process of making them can be observed in Radovljica, where a gingerbread workshop has been brought back to life after 200 years.

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