SHOW 420 .. 15th January 2012

- The Koper Regional Museum
- The lake and island of Cerknica
- Textile designer Renata Bedene
- Smetumet cultural-ecological society
- Flip acrobatic dance group

100 Years of the Koper Regional Museum
Koper is the largest town on the 47-kilometre-long Slovenian coast. It is situated in the north of the Istrian peninsula, an area with a long and colourful history. And it is this history that has been given pride of place in the Koper Regional Museum, which has witnessed no fewer than four changes of state in the one hundred years of its existence.
Lake Cerknica
Intermittent lakes are a particular feature of the Karst world, and Slovenia, where the word “Karst” itself originated, has over 20 of them. The biggest and most fascinating, Lake Cerknica, is considered one of the great natural wonders of the world. Following the heavy autumn rains, the water surges from the underground and floods the vast meadow, while in the dry season it drains away by the same route. The mysterious appearance and disappearance of the lake has been firing the local people’s imagination for ages, resulting in numerous legends about its origins.
Textile designer Renata Bedene
When working on her unique creations, textile designer Renata Bedene makes use of a variety of materials and processes. She is particularly keen to experiment and combines the new techniques that she develops with screen printing, hand weaving, embroidery, knitting and collage making.
Some five years ago now, an original trio of designers established a cultural-ecological society called Smetumet and started disseminating a completely new attitude towards waste and the environment. Under their fingers, discarded objects and sundry waste materials change into something beautiful, useful and original.
The Flip acrobatic group
The Flip acrobatic dance group, from the picturesque town of Piran, has been active for almost 60 years. The group have put on many a successful performance both at home and abroad. And beside their considerable sporting successes, they have also won high acclaim for their musicals.

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