SHOW 423 .. 26th February

- Museum of Contemporary Art 
- Architect and climber M.Kajzelj
- World of energy
- Photographer Tomo Jeseničnik
- Glass designer Maja Zaplotnik

Museum of Contemporary Art
Ljubljana can now take pride in its very own Museum of Contemporary Art. Featuring exhibitions of artwork from the 21st century it is also home to a permanent collection of international contemporary art entitled Arteast 2000+. This collection has been created over the last 15 years and is the first collection of post-war East European avant-garde art in the world. As such it has immediately triggered off a number of ideas for similar collections.
Architect and mountain climber Miha Kajzelj
There are over 140 mountain huts in Slovenia's mountains, which are mainly open only during the summer, while 16 bivouacs can offer shelter from bad weather in all seasons. Three of those bivouacs were designed over the past ten years by Miha Kajzelj. Once an active climber himself, this is an architect who really understands the mountains. His creations, which have won several awards, show a great respect for nature and a deep understanding of its laws.
World of energy
There is an increasing number of science centres in the world, also referred to as Science Museums. Last year, an interactive multimedia centre on electric power and the energy industry was designed in Slovenia, called the World of Energy. The centre, owned by the GEN energy company, was designed by the renowned German company Hüttinger, while the central 3D model is a product of Slovenian know-how.
Photographer Tomo Jeseničnik
Photographer Tomo Jeseničnik, who has won several awards, lives and creates mainly in the Koroška region in the north of Slovenia, although he has also often taken pictures abroad. In addition to landscape, nature and news photography he is also dedicated to creative studio photography.
Glass designer Maja Zaplotnik
At the end of the show the beautiful world of glass and the unique glasswork made by the skilful hands of Maja Zaplotnik.

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