SHOW 424 .. 11th March 2012

- Renovation of the Opera House
- Musician Dalibor Miklavčič
- Paintings by Metka Pepelnak
- Gorjuše pipes
- Kranjska klobasa/Kransky sausage

Renovation of the Opera House
The Ljubljana Opera House, which boasts a 120-year-long history, reopened its doors last December after a restoration that took over five years to complete.
The old neo-Renaissance building, dating from 1892, received a complete overhaul, while a modern extension was added at the back. The citizens of Ljubljana are somewhat divided in their opinion on the restoration: some consider it felicitous, while others feel it to be a rather incongruous fusion of the old and the new.
Musician Dalibor Miklavčič
Musician Dalibor Miklavčič is an expert on old instruments - the pedal piano and the pedal harpsichord. Both of these he has reconstructed himself, since not one example of a pedal harpsichord has been preserved and only very few pedal pianos.
As a result he has received many an invitation to give lectures and put on concerts from all parts of Europe.
Paintings by Metka Pepelnak
Metka Pepelnak creates her works of art from hand-made recycled paper. With the help of various techniques, she upgrades it into artistic images. She uses archetypal symbols as warnings of the constant transition of shapes and energies from one form to another.
Gorjuše pipes
Gorjuše is a highland hamlet near Bohinj in the north-west of the country. It is still famous for traditional folk crafts such as pipe-making, though those who occupy themselves with making the traditional Gorjuše pipes are relatively few and far between these days.
At one time, more than 3,500 pipes were made annually and sold to Europe and the USA. Today, however, theyre only still appealing for their exceptional decorative value.
Krajnska klobasa
The Kranjska klobasa, also known as the Kransky sausage in Australian English, is one of the most internationally recognised meat dishes from Slovenia. It is best known in the German speaking part of Europe, as it first became popular during the period of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The dish spread from the then central part of Slovenia, Carniola, now the Kranjska region, to a much wider area and all the way to Imperial Vienna. But it was Slovenia’s emigrants who made the Kranjska klobasa recognised worldwide. The sausage has a trademark in Slovenia, and is now waiting to be recognised by the EU as well.

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