SHOW 427 .. 20th April 2012

- Let's Clean Slovenia project 
- Architect Maruša Zorec 
- Kromberk Castle
- The Parish Museum in Piran
- Llustrator Adriano Janežič

Let’s Clean Slovenia
The Let’s Clean Slovenia project, which took place in March, saw the beginning of the World Cleanup 2012 campaign – the biggest environmental volunteer-based project in the history of mankind. It is a string of single day cleanup actions that are being prepared in more than 80 countries of the world. In the Slovenian action, the second one in two years, 15 percent of the population took part. Its goal was not only to clean, but also to raise environmental awareness of the people.
Architect Maruša Zorec
Architect Maruša Zorec is at the very top of the Slovenian architectural profession. She is especially recognisable through her excellent renovations of historical buildings in Slovenia. All her projects have been awarded, while this year she was also the recipient of one of the most esteemed cultural accolades – the Prešeren Fund Award – for renovating the Castle Outhouse in Ormož, in the northeast of the country.
Kromberk Castle
Kromberk Castle near Nova Gorica at the border with Italy has also lived through numerous renovations since its creation. The exterior of the castle has preserved the appearance from the 17th century, yet the interior is completely renovated. There is no more stuccowork, no more frescoes or original furniture. Since 1954, the castle has been the seat of the Museum of Goriška.
The Parish Museum in Piran
The museum in the Church of St. George in Piran, a picturesque seaside town, is one of the only few parish museums in Slovenia. Visitors are presented with the rich cultural and historical past of the town, whose origins date as far back as to the pre-Roman era.
Illustrator Adrian Janežič
Illustrator and caricaturist Adrian Janežič works in illustration for children and young adults, newspaper caricature, as well as drawing short comic strips. He likes to surrender himself to the world of imagination, and is also distinguished by his excellent sense of humour.

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