SHOW 456 .. 12th October 2013

- The Strunjan landscape park 
- A hayrack museum
- Painter Lojze Adamlje
- An exhibiton about knights
- Wooden cameras

The Strunjan landscape park
Many natural and cultural features of the Slovenian coast are located in the Strunjan peninsula. Among them are the only Slovenian marine lagoon and a coastal cliff that is unique to the whole of the Adriatic coast. The entire peninsula has been proclaimed a landscape park.
A hayrack museum
The hayrack, a distinct feature of the Slovenian landscape, is also a Slovenian architectural particularity. Nowhere else in the world are there so many in number or variety. Sadly though, these masterpieces of national architectural heritage are swiftly disappearing. This has given rise to an idea for a unique open-air museum of hayracks in the village of Šentrupert in the Dolenjska region.
Painter Lojze Adamlje
Painter and printmaker Lojze Adamlje is considered to be the most noticeable representative of Slovenian surrealism. He is driven by a great creative imagination and his artistic expression is bursting with symbols. He has received several awards, and his works have been included in public as well as private collections, in Slovenia and abroad.
An exhibiton about knights
Knighthood was a unique phenomenon in medieval European society. Few personalities managed to leave such a considerable mark in history as did the knights. Until recently, the topic of knighthood was poorly researched in Slovenian historiography, but now the exhibition at the Slovenian National Museum removes the veils of mystery from the phenomenon of knighthood with great objectivity.
Wooden cameras
Elvis Halilović, a young industrial designer, has already made a name for himself with two original ecological projects. This year, his simple yet perfectly designed wooden pinhole cameras without lenses have achieved instant success worldwide.

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