SHOW 463 .. 8th February 2014

- The Museum of Natural History 
- The Born family legacy 
- Baritone Jože Vidic 
- Illustrator Milanka Fabjančič   
- Puppeteer Matija Solce 

The Slovenian Museum of Natural History
The Museum of Natural History is Slovenia's central museum in the field of the natural sciences and the oldest cultural and scientific institution in the country.
The museum, which evolved from the Carniolan Museum founded in 1821, holds collections of national, European and world importance.
The legacy of the Born family
It is the destiny of certain people to leave an impact on the areas in which they were most active. In the area around the town of Tržič, in north-western Slovenia, some of the most significant traces were left by the Born family of nobles. The family brought new life to Tržič and its surroundings during the economic crisis of the late 19th century.
Today, the Born Trail still reminds visitors of the family and their impact.
Baritone Jože Vidic
Baritone Jože Vidic is a soloist at the Ljubljana opera, where he has reinterpreted a number of leading baritone roles. He has also established himself as a concert singer both in Slovenia and abroad. Since 1996, he has been a member of Slovenia's leading vocal chamber group - the Slovenian Octet.
Illustrator Milanka Fabjančič
Milanka Fabjančič is a trained painter, but has always had a great enthusiasm for illustration.
 In addition to creating book illustrations, she also draws costume sketches for the respected costume designer Alan Hranitelj. Recently, she has also been devoting a lot of her time to her own brand, Haha!, which combines illustration with industrial design.
Puppeteer Matija Solce
Matija Solce - puppeteer, director, musician and actor, is considered one of the most promising creative minds of the younger generation.
He studied at Prague's prestigious DAMU academy, where he is still based as a lecturer in puppet animation and a doctoral student. He has visited almost every continent, and thrilled very diverse crowds, with his suitcase full of puppets and his accordion.

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