SHOW 464 .. 22nd February 2014


- The Church of St Francis in Maribor 
- The Šešir millinery company
- Disabled swimmer Darko Durić
- Ivian K. Mujezinović, graphic designer
- 3D jewellery designers

The Church of St Francis in Maribor
The basilica of Our Mother of Mercy in Maribor, better known as the Franciscan Church, is the oldest of the seven basilicas in Slovenia. It was given its honourable title in 1906. Ever since their arrival to Maribor exactly 150 years ago, the church has been run by the Franciscan monks, who in fact commissioned the building of this basilica.
The Šešir millinery company
Hats are worn as protection against cold and heat, as part of a uniform, or as a fashionable accessory. The Šešir millinery from Škofja Loka has been making hats for over 90 years. It is one of the few traditional millinery companies in the world, where hats are made from start to finish.
Disabled swimmer Darko đurić
Although born legless and without one arm, Darko đurić has always been firmly committed to following his dreams. Now this incredible fighter is a double world champion in swimming and a world record holder from the Paralympic Games in London.
Ivian Kan Mujezinović, graphic designer
Ivian Kan Mujezinović is one of Slovenia’s leading graphic designers. He designs posters, magazines, books, CDs as well as corporate images for cultural institutions and events. He comes from a family of painters, so he is perhaps better equipped with an understanding of art and the role it plays in visual communication than most of his colleagues. He is also a keen photographer and musician.
3D jewellery designers
It was only a few years ago that 3D printing of everyday objects seemed impossible and futuristic, yet now this is becoming reality. New 3D printing technology is changing the world, allowing for completely new forms of production, also of jewellery.



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