SHOW 466 .. 22nd March 2014


- The Maritime Museum in Piran 
- Beetle researcher Božidar Drovenik 
- Comic strip artist Izar Lunaček 
- The maker of medieval weapons 
- The Pokljuka plateau in wintertime

The Maritime Museum in Piran
Although Slovenia has little sea, the Slovenes are a seafaring nation with a rich naval history studied by the Maritime Museum of Piran on the Slovenian coast. With its seat in a classicist palace from the mid-19th century, this year the museum is celebrating its 60th anniversary.
Beetle researcher
Beetles are the largest species in the animal kingdom. About 6,000 out of the 8,000 known European species also live in Slovenia. Božidar Drovenik, who has dedicated 50 years of his life to studying them, is considered to be one of the leading beetle researchers in the world. He has created an amazing collection of some 400,000 beetles, with about 10 species and one genus named after him.
Comic strip artist Izar Lunaček
Izar Lunaček is is a comic strip artist, an illustrator and a painter with a PhD in philosophy. He was given his first commission for a book illustration at the tender age of 15, when he was proclaimed a teenage sensation. He is also the author of the first on-line comic strip in Slovenia.
Blacksmith master Martin Oblak
Blacksmith master Martin Oblak became enthusiastic about the Middle Ages and the making of medieval knights’ armour and weapons about two decades ago. Now there is hardly anything he is unable to make, as his entire knight’s armour is made by hand.
The Pokljuka plateau in wintertime
The high-mountain plateau Pokljuka in the Triglav National Park is a paradise for those who love unspoilt nature and sports activities, even more so since a modern sports and recreational centre was built there some years ago. Pokljuka is also 


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