SHOW 469 .. 3rd May 2014

 - Bistra castle and
  The Technical Museum of Slovenia
- The Path of Remembrance and
- Painter Jože Ciuha
- Sculptor Rene Rusjan
- The Vulkanija Theme Park

The Bistra Technical Museum
The Technical Museum of Slovenia has housed the country’s technical heritage for over six decades. Its main home is Bistra, in the beautiful surroundings of a former monastery and castle, just a short drive from the capital Ljubljana, though the museum does have several other smaller units located around Slovenia. The most extensive collection in Bistra, and also the most visited, is a fine selection of road vehicles.
The Path of Remembrance and Comradeship
During World War II, Ljubljana was the only capital in Europe to be completely surrounded by barbed wire. For decades, the route of the 33-kilometre-long barbed wire fence has been a walkway known as the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship. Throughout the year, it offers Ljubljana’s residents a way to connect with nature, while at the start of May a traditional recreational march takes place along the path to mark the anniversary of the city’s liberation.
Painter Jože Ciuha
Jože Ciuha, one of Slovenia’s most internationally renowned fine artists, is a painter, graphic artist, illustrator and travel writer. He has travelled extensively around the world, lived in Paris for several decades, and put on many exhibitions both at home and abroad. Besides the Prešeren Fund Award he received in Slovenia, he was also awarded the Order of Arts and Letters in France and was made a member of the Russian Academy of Arts in Moscow. Recently the artist celebrated his 90th birthday, but even at this mature age he continues to paint.
Sculptor Rene Rusjan
Over the past two decades, sculptor Rene Rusjan has pursued her path of expression in new media, including video, photography, illustration and the internet. In Ljubljana she recently put on an exhibition of her work spanning over a quarter of a century. The concept of the exhibition envisaged visitors finding their own thread to lead them through the exhibition rooms and enabled them a multi-level understanding of Rusjan’s work.
The region of Prekmurje is known for its extensive plains and pristine nature, but close to its edge the landscape changes into undulating hills called Goričko. Three million years ago there was an active volcano in Goričko – the last one in the area of present-day Slovenia – and it is here visitors can again experience the volcano’s ancient eruption.


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