SHOW 471 .. 14th June

- 2000 years of roman Emona
- Socerb Castle
- Apitherapist Karl Vogrinčič
- Marine biologist Tilen Genov
- Musician Janez Dovč

Roman Ljubljana
This year Ljubljana is celebrating the 2,000th anniversary of Emona, the Roman settlement established in the area of the present-day capital of Slovenia. Emona, which played an important role in the defence system of the then Roman Empire, offered a high standard of living and existed for about 500 years. An archaeological tourist route running along some of the most interesting remains of ancient Emona now leads through Ljubljana, which will be celebrating its venerable anniversary with numerous events.
Socerb Castle
For centuries, Socerb Castle has reigned high on the steep rock wall of the Karst Edge, symbolising a natural boundary between continental Slovenia and its coastal area. Due to its strategic position, the castle played an important role in the history of the country. Now the remains of the castle, also home to a welcoming restaurant, offer a fantastic view over the entire Bay of Trieste.
Healing with bee-stings is nothing new in Slovenia: indeed over a century ago physician Filip Terč, considered to be the founder of modern apitherapy, was already engaged in this activity. Today, although no regular doctors are actively involved in the field, several bee-keepers are successful apitherapists. One such is Karl Vogrinčič, who heads a joint venture alongside renowned innovator Vili Poznik.
Marine Biologist Tilen Genov
Tilen Genov is a marine biologist and the founder of the Morigenos society, engaged in the study and protection of marine mammals, in particular dolphins, living in the northern Adriatic Sea. Over the last decade, the society has managed to document a regular presence of dolphins in this part of the Adriatic. Before that only few people knew that dolphins, which are natural indicators of the state of the environment, actually live in this part of the Mediterranean.
Musician Janez Dovč
Janez Dovč is one of the most active musicians in Slovenia – he is a composer and arranger as well as an accordionist and indeed multi-instrumentalist. He is one of the leading performers of Slovenian folk music, and as an artistic director of the Sound of Slovenia project also one of the greatest promoters of Slovenia’s music abroad.



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