SHOW 476 .. 19th September

- The port of Koper
- The Martuljek range
- Bovec cheese
- The Pocestnica/Steetwalker
  open-air gallery
- The House of Bardinec

The port of Koper
The port of Koper is Slovenia’s only international cargo port. Because of its location, it represents the closest connection of Eastern and Central Europe to the Mediterranean. In the past decade, the city of Koper has also become an increasingly appealing stopover for large passenger cruise ships.
The Martuljek range
A picturesque group of mountains known as the Martuljek range rises from the Upper Sava Valley in north-western Slovenia. Among the peaks, whose average altitude is 2500 meters, Špik stands out with its distinctive, pyramid shape, which is why the range is also called the Špik Group. The area is a part of the Triglav National Park.
Bovec cheese
The Upper Soča Valley has a long tradition of cheese making. Through the centuries, an indigenous breed of sheep – known as the Bovec sheep – emerged in the area. The sheep’s milk is used to make a type of cheese with a distinctly aromatic and spicy taste. It’s known as Bovec cheese and is one of the four varieties of Slovenian cheese with a protected designation of origin. The cheese is produced exclusively in the Bovec area.
Pocestnica (Streetwalker)
During the summer months, various street side entertainers add a special flavour to the streets of Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital.  One of them is Pocestnica -Slovenian for “Streetwalker”, an original open-air galley that harnesses the power of the imagination to transform everyday urban elements into works of art. In the past four years, the Ljud Society has set up “ready-made” galleries in several European countries and South Korea.
The House of Bardinec
The countryside of the Istrian peninsula is a treasure-trove of ethnological and cultural heritage. Spread out in the hinterlands overlooking the coastal city of Koper, on a ridge of craggy hills, lies the village of Lopar, with a population of around 100. In the past, most of the villagers were farmworkers and winegrowers. The story of their lifestyle is told through the ethnological collection on display at the House of Bardinec.



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