SHOW 477 .. 3rd October 2014


- Dobrna thermal spa
- Singer Manca Izmajlova
- Living courtyards in Maribor
- Studio Tok Tok
- Zipline above the Učja gorge

Dobrna thermal spa
There are as many as 15 natural spas in Slovenia. Most of them are in the east of the country, including Dobrna, the oldest Slovenian natural spa, which boasts a tradition that goes back 600 years. The spa was first mentioned in written records in 1403, but its healing thermal waters were already well known in the times of the Celts and Romans. It’s particularly popular today as part of treatment programmes for women’s ailments, rheumatic diseases and motor system injuries.
Manca Izmajlova
Mezzo-soprano Manca Izmajlova is s singer of many dimensions. Her vast repertoire includes pieces from many genres, ranging from opera, musicals, jazz and pop songs to folk music. She is a regular performer at the Moscow Philharmonics and is also the first Slovenian to have held a solo concert there. Her greatest success to date has come from her two albums entitled The Slavic Soul and The Slovenian Heart.
Living courtyards in Maribor
In Maribor, the second largest Slovenian city, abandoned townhouse courtyards come alive in the summer during the Lent Festival. For the fourth year in a row, the courtyards this year were occupied by the creators of “Living Courtyards”, who brought back life to these spaces through all kinds of events and performances.
Studio Tok Tok
Wood is a beautiful, warm and eco-friendly material, a noble companion of living spaces. Studio TOK TOK, established a year and a half ago by three young friends, uses wood to create environment-friendly products which are aesthetic, simple and multi-functional. They are all made by hand and are of the highest quality.
Adrenaline parks offer visitors an opportunity to test their limits and their courage. And there are quite a few such parks in Slovenia. One of them, Zipline, offers an adrenaline descent on steel cables above the inaccessible gorge of the River Učja in the area around Bovec in the northwest of the country. The adrenaline adventure also includes a unique opportunity to view this picturesque landscape from the air.


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