SHOW 493 .. 29th June 2015


- The Zgornja Idrijca Natural Park
- An exhibition on the Postojna Cave
- Svete gore
- Aerobatic pilot Peter Podlunšek
- A zipline at the Učja canyon.

The Zgornja Idrijca Natural Park
The Zgornja Idrijca Natural Park in western Slovenia discloses the diverse world of the Idrijca and Belca rivers with their tributaries, full of deep and narrow ravines and picturesque pools.
This area, stretching between the Alpine and Dinaric worlds, combines intact nature with the technical heritage of the nearby town of Idrija, which was inextricably linked to its mercury mine for many centuries.
An Exhibition on the Postojna Cave
The Postojna Cave is the most famous and most popular tourist underground cave in the world. A visit by Austrian Crown Prince Ferdinand in 1819 is considered its first organised tourist visit. For over 140 years, visitors have been able to admire this magnificent cave by taking a ride on the underground tourist train.
Since this spring, however, it can also be enjoyed in a permanent interactive exhibition on display in the new building in front of the cave.
Svete gore
Svete gore above the settlement of Bistrica ob Sotli is one of the oldest and most popular pilgrimage destinations in Slovenia. This complex of five churches built on top of the hill bearing the same name still poses a real challenge to archaeologists, historians and art historians.
Aerobatic pilot Peter Podlunšek
Peter Podlunšek is Slovenia's best aerobatic pilot, with results ranking amongst the world's elite.
He is the only pilot from Slovenia who also takes part in the fastest competition in the world, the Red Bull Air Race, the Formula One in aviation. He enjoys aerobatic flying, even though it borders on the extremes of physical and mental ability.
But to a mere mortal, just sliding down steel ropes, otherwise known as ziplining, may represent an adrenaline-filled challenge.
In addition to other adrenaline pleasures, the zipline at the Učja canyon near Bovec in the north-west of the country also offers a unique opportunity to visit an otherwise inaccessible, yet extremely picturesque canyon.

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