SHOW 497 .. 21st September 2015


- Fabiani and Štanjel 
- The Embankments of the
  Ljubljanica River 
- Okrešelj and the Rinka Waterfall 
- Designer  Eva Štrukelj 
- Mozirski Gaj 

Fabiani and Štanjel
This year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of the architect and urban designer Maks Fabiani. His diverse legacy places him among the most important architects of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He even served as an advisor to the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. At the age of 52, however, he gave up a successful career in Vienna and returned to his native Karst, where he left an enduring mark, particularly, in the village of Štanjel.
The embankments of the Ljubljanica River
The Ljubljanica River, which weaves through Slovenia’s capital, is again becoming the lively river it was years ago. Not only tourist boats, but also kayaks, canoes, and other watercraft sail its waters. An important part of the river’s revitalization has been the redesign of the embankments and bridges in the city centre, a project for which Ljubljana won a prestigious European prize for urban public space three years ago.
Okrešelj and the Rinka Waterfall 
Concealed above the upper end of the Logar Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in the Alps, is yet another jewel of nature – the Okrešelj Cirque, which is reached by a trail that leads past the mighty Rinka Waterfall. The mountain hut at Okrešelj is named for Johannes Frischauf, from Vienna, who enthusiastically promoted the beauties of the Savinja Alps and was a great friend of the Slovenian people.
Designer Eva Štrukelj
Working under the brand LesnaVesna, designer Eva Štrukelj makes interesting practical objects out of wood. She finds her inspiration for them in Slovenian mythology and folk traditions, as well as in nature.
Mozirski Gaj
Mozirski Gaj – the Mozirje Grove – is a park filled with flowers where you can also learn about the ethnological heritage of the Upper Savinja Valley. Surprisingly, what today is a wonderful blossoming garden was once an illegal dumping ground.

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