SHOW 500 .. 2nd November 2015


- Piran 
- Škofja Loka Castle 
- Comic book artist Zoran Smiljanić 
- Diver Jure Daić 
- Innovations/sup and the solar bike

Piran is an ancient Mediterranean town at the very end of the cape that forms the Bay of Piran. It is like one big museum, with a well-preserved mediaeval layout that conceals a rich architectural and cultural heritage.
Škofja Loka Castle
Škofja Loka is another old mediaeval town. In fact, it is known for having the best-preserved medieval town centre in Slovenia. Its greatest attraction, however, is the castle, which for 830 years was the property of the Bavarian diocese of Freising.
The comic book artist Smiljanić
In the second half of the 1980s, Zoran Smiljanić set new standards for Slovenian comics. In recent years, he has devoted his energy to the comic strip saga Mexicaners, a truly remarkable work that is drawn and coloured entirely by hand and comes to 330 pages. Four parts have already been published, while the fifth, and last, is currently in production.
The diver Jure Daić
Jure Daić is in love with the sea and, especially, freediving and spearfishing. He is the first Slovenian to dive deeper than a hundred metres and ranks among the world’s ten best freedivers.
Innovations / the sup and the solar bike
Two interesting innovations for leisure activities: a unique solar-powered bicycle and the self-inflating sup, or stand-up paddleboard, with an auxiliary motor, which recently received the prestigious Red Dot Award for innovative industrial design.


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