SHOW 513 .. 3rd June 2016

- The Lanthieri Mansion in Vipava
- The Maribor Puppet Theatre
- The Slovenian Mountian Trail
- Geoss and Vače
- Singer Manca Izmajlova

The Lanthieri Mansion in Vipava
The town of Vipava lies at the heart of the Vipava Valley wine-growing region in south-western Slovenia. Its rich history is reflected in its most important cultural attractions; of these, the Lanthieri Mansion is in a class by itself.
Maribor Puppet Theatre
With its recent renovation, the old Franciscan monastery in Maribor, Slovenia’s second largest city, has been given a fresh, modern interior and a new role. After the monastery was dissolved in the late 18th century, the mediaeval complex gradually deteriorated, becoming little more than a ruin. Now beautifully restored, it provides a home for the Maribor Puppet Theatre.
The Slovenian Mountain Trail
Slovenians are known as a nation of mountaineers. Even our national symbol is a mountain, the 2,864-metre Mount Triglav. And over six decades ago, the Slovenian Mountain Trail was created – the first long-distance hiking trail in Europe to connect nearly all the alpine and subalpine regions in a country. Stretching nearly 600 kilometres, the trail begins in Maribor with the Pohorje Mountains and ends in Ankaran on the Adriatic Sea.
Geoss and Vače
It’s impossible to determine the exact centre of an irregular shape like the one formed by Slovenia’s borders, which, perhaps more than anything, resembles a hen. But in the early 1980s, geodesists calculated the country’s centre of gravity, which they called GEOSS, an acronym for the Geometric Centre of Slovenia. It’s located in the village of Slivna, east of the capital, Ljubljana.
Manca Izmajlova
Mezzo-soprano Manca Izmajlova sings in no fewer than 20 languages and in many genres – from opera, musicals, and jazz to pop and folk. She particularly enjoys art songs, folk songs, and the music of Slavic countries. She performs regularly with the Moscow Philharmonic and was the first Slovenian to be given a solo concert with that renowned institution. Her greatest success so far has been with the two albums Slavic Soul and Slovene Heart, which she recorded with the Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra.


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