SHOW 293 .. 23th December 2005

- The Snežnik regional park  
- Designer Miljenko Licul
- Painter Boni Čeh
- Clay creations by Lučka Šićarov
- Jožef Oseli, one of the best chefs
The Snežnik park
To the south of Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana is the Notranjska region, an intriguing Karst world, full of natural phenomena such as Lake Cerknica. This is also the natural habitat of many species of flora and fauna, of which some are also rare and endangered. The greatest phenomena of the Notranjska region will be part of the planned Snežnik regional park.
Designer Miljenko Licul
After Slovenia’s full membership in the European Union in 2004, the country is now getting ready to take over the EU common currency, euro, in 2007. Eight coins of Slovenia’s euro have been designed by Miljenko Licul, a graphic artist and co-creator of the image of the new Slovenia.
Painter Boni Čeh
Academy-trained painter Boni Čeh is a prolific and multi-talented artist. His artistic expression is caught in a dialogue between the figurative and the abstract, between imagination and association. There are no special, selected themes for him; rather, as an artist, he strives to experience everything that surrounds him.
Designer Lučka Šićarov
Lučka Šićarov graduated in philosophy, but it was clay that proved to be the creative medium that became a driving force in her life. The trademark of her original ceramic pieces is humour.
Chef Jože Oseli
Jožef Oseli is an expert not only in diverse cuisines from Slovenia, but also in foreign cuisines, since he spends a lot of time abroad learning about them. His culinary creations have always reaped laurels at various celebrations, including those at the highest national level.

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