SHOW 300 .. 14th April 2006

- The cultural heritage of Muta,
- Glass designer Tanja Pak
- Baroque treasure in Nova Štifta
- Painted chests, monuments of folk art
- Talented pianist Anja German
Muta is a picturesque village in the north of Slovenia, not far from the border with Austria. For over 400 years the village was a centre for ironmongery, until half a century ago, this craft fell into disuse. Nevertheless, Muta also boasts other cultural treasures, one of them being a unique architectural monument, a rotunda dating back to the 13th century.
Glass designer Tanja Pak
Tanja Pak has glass designing practically in her blood. Her unique creations are sensual, original and full of grace, and her work frequently crosses the boundary between the world of design and that of sculpture.
Nova Štifta
The Baroque church in Nova Štifta near Ribnica in the Dolenjska region is considered one of the most beautiful in Slovenia. It was a model for many later sacred buildings in the country. Situated on the edge of the forest, surrounded by greenery and with its majestic dome and belfry, it invites visitors from near and far. The church is a place of pilgrimage, dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. 
Painted chests
Chests are one of the oldest pieces of interior furniture. At first, they were owned only by the rich, but in the 16th century they also became a regular item in the farming milieu. While those of the nobility were mainly carved or were examples of mosaic woodwork, the farmers’ chests were painted. Painted chests are now considered important monuments of folk art.  
Pianist Anja German
Even as a child, pianist Anja German revealed an exceptional talent;
therefore it was no surprise that she was given the chance to play with an orchestra when she was only eleven. And to this day it is orchestral performances that give her the greatest pleasure.

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