SHOW 302 .. 26th May 2006

- A treasury of ethnological heritage
- Underwater photographer Milan Tomažin
- Mysterious images of women by Rudi Skočir
- Infant prodigy Monika Peterka
- Jože Lisac, a designer and artistic caster 

Ethnograpgic Museum of Slovenia
A year and a half ago the Ethnographic Museum of Slovenia was finally given its own exhibition grounds in a restored barracks. This spring a permanent exhibition of exhibits was opened, documenting the lives of our ancestors through time and space.
Underwater photographer Milan Tomažin
Slovenia has a great tradition of underwater photography and some excellent underwater photographers. One of these is Milan Tomažin. He became interested in underwater photography about a decade ago and has since received a number of awards for his work. He frequently exhibits his photographs in the place of their creation, under the water’s surface.
Painter Rudi Skočir
Painter, graphic artist and illustrator Rudi Skočir has always been enchanted by the female figure, reminiscent of Gustav Klimt’s images. He often adds to his female figures the image of the Fates originating in Slavonic mythology. Symbolism plays an important role in his work. He is also the author of superb book illustrations.
Infant prodigy Monika Peterka
Monika Peterka is an eight-year-old infant prodigy. She excels in ice-skating and in rhythmic gymnastics and is a rare talent with already 15 cups and more than 20 medals to her name. However, Monika’s career is at risk, since her parents haven’t sufficient funds to support her sports career, and the youngster is in desperate need of a sponsor.
Caster Jože Lisac
We end the show with amazing metal creations, appearing under the skilful hands of metal-casting master Jože Lisac.

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