SHOW 303 .. 10th June 2006

- The Karst village of Volčji Grad 
- The Koper Regional Museum
- Marjan Vodnik's carving masterpieces
- The motoring pioneer in Slovenia
- Bogdana Herman, a performer of folk songs

Volčji Grad
The Karst is a picturesque lime plateau in the south-western part of Slovenia. It is associated with a mysterious underground world and the karstic phenomena on the one hand, and with the bora wind, smoked ham and Teran wine on the other. It is also a land of stone and stonecutters who have left an indelible mark on karstic architecture. According to some, the village of Volčji Grad boasts the most beautiful portals in the entire Karst region.
Koper Regional Museum
Koper isn’t only the biggest town on the Slovenian coast, but it also boasts a long and rich history. The greatest mark on its development was left by the Venetians during their 500-year-long overrule. The history of Koper and the coastal area is presented in the Koper Regional Museum situated in the old town centre, which is an extraordinary cultural monument in itself.
Marjan Vodnik's carving masterpieces
Among the first materials men used to express themselves with was wood. It has always been dear to Marjan Vodnik, an amateur carver, who had long been creating for himself alone, for his soul. Six years ago, he first presented his works to the public. Today, he’s got his own gallery and is also active as a mentor.
Anton Codelli and automobiles
Cars are a common thing nowadays but, a century ago, they were a real technological wonder. The first car appeared in Slovenia 108 years ago, when the famous Anton Codelli from Ljubljana bought it for himself. Yet, Codelli wasn’t only a pioneer of automobilism in Slovenia, but also an all-round inventor.
Bogdana Herman
Bogdana Herman is one of the best performers of Slovenian folk songs. She knows more than a hundred songs from all Slovenian regions. Her interpretations are genuine and highly expressive, for she feels with the ancestors’ fates.

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