SHOW 304 .. 15th September 2006

- Portorož seaside resort
- Painter Zmago Modic
- Golf at Bled
- Janez Lotrič a world-famous tenor
- Trniči - decorated lumps of cheese

Portorož – a tourist resort on the coast
The coastal town of Portorož is a popular tourist resort and health spa. Last year the town celebrated the 120th anniversary of organised tourism, though it has been known as a spa ever since the 13th century. The heyday of Portorož came at the beginning of the 20th century, when it was considered one of the most attractive holiday resorts on the Adriatic coast.
Zmago Modic, a painter who enlivens Ljubljana
Each year, the Slovenian capital Ljubljana attracts more and more foreign tourists, who admire and enjoy the beauty of the old city centre. The old streets and squares brim with life and activity throughout the summer. The painter Zmago Modic is one of those people who have many ideas about how to make Ljubljana livelier and ever more interesting.
Golf at Bled
Golf is becoming increasingly popular in Slovenia. Nine golf courses are available to golfers at the moment, and several new ones are under construction. One of the oldest and most attractive natural golf courses in Europe is situated at Bled, an idyllic tourist resort in the heart of the Alps. 
‘C-tenor’ Janez Lotrič
In the past decade, tenor Janez Lotrič has made an outstanding international career. After his initial success in Vienna, he made his way to all the important opera stages worldwide. His voice is called “lirico spinto” – meaning it’s suitable for a wide range of different roles. He is also famous as a tenor with an easy high C. 
Trniči - decorated lumps of cheese 
Velika planina, a high plateau in the Kamnik and Savinja Alps, features one of the most picturesque herders’ settlements in Slovenia. Decades ago, the alpine chalets on Velika planina and the nearby pastures were famous for trniči, a form of cheese that used to be considered one of the loveliest folk love gifts. Today, trniči are only still produced by herder Rezka Mali.


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