SHOW 308 .. 10th November 2006

- Snežnik Regional Park
- Painter Domen Slana
- The collection of chasubles
- Illustrator Jelka Reichman
- Painted wooden chests

The natural features of Snežnik Regional Park
Heading southward from the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, we come to the region of Notranjska. This is an exciting Karst world full of natural phenomena. Surely the grandest among them is the intermittent Cerknica Lake. It is the natural habitat of many plant and animal species, some of which are considered endangered. The features of Notranjska have been included in the planned Snežnik Regional Park.
Painter Domen Slana
Painter Domen Slana fulfils his desire for artistic expression in various ways, creating many practical and artistic objects besides paintings. Old, worn-out objects of Slovenian ethnological heritage present an inspiration and a challenge to him. Under his skilful hands, they turn into special works of art.
The collection of chasubles
In the Middle Ages, the area of today’s Slovenia was often stricken by the plague. One of the most popular patrons against the Black Death was Saint Francis Xavier. A lot of churches were consecrated in his name, eleven of which became places of pilgrimage. In the 18th century, the most popular church was the one in Radmirje near Gornji Grad, where precious gifts were brought from all around. Among them were valuable hand-made chasubles.
Illustrator Jelka Reichman
Jelka Reichman is one of the most widely recognised Slovenian illustrators. She has been creating illustrations for as long as four decades, yet every new generation of children is enchanted and fascinated by her characters over and over again. Her illustrations are as warm and friendly as the artist herself.
Painted wooden chests, monuments of folk art
Chests are considered among the oldest pieces of interior decoration. First, they were only used by the rich but, as early as in the 16th century, they became an integral part of Slovenian rural homes. While those owned by the aristocracy


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