SHOW 309 .. 24th November 2006

- The Slovenia Times
- The cornerstones in Ljubljana
- The city of Maribor through history
- The Sava Bohinjka, a paradise for fly fishing
- A homestead in the heart of unspoiled natur
- The Alatič family trio

The Slovenia Times, a newspaper about Slovenia in English
In the 15 years since its proclamation of independence and especially since its accession to the European Union, Slovenia has become increasingly interesting to foreigners. Many have found a permanent or temporary residence here; beside that, the number of foreign tourists is constantly on the rise. All this called for a newspaper in the lingua franca of today – the English language. Just over three years ago a monthly newspaper began to be published which has turned into the fortnightly Slovenia Times.
The bumper stones of Ljubljana
The rich heritage of Ljubljana’s urban architecture is complemented among other things by picturesque bumper stones which protect house corners and doorways in the Slovenian capital. Most of them originate from the 18th and 19th centuries; the oldest, however, a fine carved piece, dates back to the 17th century.
The history of Maribor
Maribor, the heart of the northeastern region of Štajerska, is Slovenia’s second largest city. From one side it is surrounded by the woods and ski slopes of Pohorje and, from the other, by the wine-growing hills which extend to its very outskirts. Having been mentioned in written records as early as some 750 years ago, it boasts a long and interesting history.
The Sava Bohinjka, a paradise for fly fishing
Fishing is one of the most common activities in Slovenia and fly fishing is particularly popular. It is said to be not only a form of fishing or a sport, but a life’s passion, even a philosophy. Since Slovenia boasts many pristine rivers and lakes abounding in fish species suitable for fly fishing, it is attracting ever more fishermen from abroad. This year it hosted the world fishing elite.
The Kekec house, a homestead in the heart of unspoiled nature
Trenta is one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys. Situated in the Triglav National Park, it boasts genuinely unspoiled nature. A thousand metres high amidst the beauty of nature, an interesting homestead is hidden. Ten years ago, a mountain climber caringly restored it to its original pristine form and transformed it into a guest house.
The Alatič family trio
Music is the binding force in many Slovenian families who are dedicated to the art of music. Although the time of computers and popular music doesn’t exactly favour family music groups, the Alatič family from Žalec have founded an unusual band comprising a guitarist, a percussionist and a violinist.

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