SHOW 311 .. 22nd December

- The Church on Ptujska gora
- Photographer and alpine climber   
- The Štatenberg mansion 
- Hayrack models
- Catbriyur porcelain

Ptujska Gora
Ptujska gora in the north-east of Slovenia hides one of the most beautiful Gothic churches in the country. It’s a true treasure of Gothic statue art, although its architect and the sculptors of the finest pieces remain unknown. The greatest masterpiece is a relief of Mary the Protector with Mantle; also known as the Relief of the Mercy, featuring 82 personalities that lived at the time of its making. The fact that their features could be discerned was an incredible rarity and great artistic novelty of the time.
Alpine Climber and photographer S. Klemenc
Stane Klemenc is a professional photographer, expert alpine climber and mountain rescuer with 30 years of experience. At first, he was mainly attracted by great heights, whereas later he became a dedicated explorer of polar landscapes. He is the first Slovenian to have reached the North Pole.
Štatenberg mansion
Due to its strategic position, Slovenia once boasted some 900 castles, mansions and manors. Many of them have been ruined, quite a few have been beautifully restored, but some are still awaiting restoration and a new purpose. Among the latter is the Baroque Štatenberg Mansion, which hides rich stucco work and ceiling frescoes.
Hayrack models
Hayracks, which have left an indelible mark on the Slovenian countryside, are considered a Slovenian particularity. Although they can also be found in some other European countries, nowhere else have they acquired so many different shapes or such numbers, nor have they so strongly marked the landscape, as in Slovenia.
Porcelain makers
The superior and unique Catbriyur porcelain was developed seven years ago by the Bricman couple from the town of Kotlje in the Koroška region. They developed the technology and form of the porcelain themselves and, with real technological daringness, astonished the domestic and foreign public.


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