SHOW 312 .. 20th January 2007

- The Piran monastery
- Vipava
- Preisinger, mineral collector
- Goldsmith Humberto Široka
- Terra Folk music group

The Piran monastery
The littoral town of Piran is known for its numerous cultural and historical sights. One of them is also the Minorite monastery of St. Francis of Assisi. It is one of the oldest Minorite monasteries on Slovenian soil. Its history goes back as far as the beginning of the 14th century.
Vipava and the lost splendour of the past
Vipava is the centre of the upper part of the Vipava Valley, which links the littoral part of the country with the interior. This fertile and viniferous valley has always been attractive to settlers – reportedly already from the Stone Age onwards. It experienced a real blossoming during the time of the Roman Empire. Vipava is not marked only by the remnants of its splendid past, but it is interesting also as a water town.
Preisinger, mineral collector
Although Slovenia is a small country, its geological composition is very diverse. It boasts a rich assortment of minerals as well as crystals. One of the enthusiastic amateur collectors of minerals and fossils is Davorin Preisinger from Kranj, who keeps interesting examples of this natural wealth in his collection.
Goldsmith Humberto Široka
In his work, goldsmith Humberto Široka combines elements of modern design and the rich tradition of the classical goldsmith trade. Even though he comes from a family of long goldsmithing tradition, he was initially interested in many other things. After years of searching, however, he nevertheless realized that he can best express himself in jewellery.
Terra Folk
Terra Folk is a remarkable ethno music group. The band’s humour, virtuosic performance and original interpretation convinces and fascinates even the most demanding listeners. The group, which performs a lot abroad, also received the BBC Radio 3 Audience Award for World Music in 2003.


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