SHOW 313 .. 03rd February 2007

- The Magušar house 
- The Neanderthal flute 
- An Exhibition of ancient weapons   
- The »Libera« invention 
- The painters Tušek
- Photographer Jane Štravs 

The Magušar house
Radovljica is an old medieval city, and one whose appearance has been very well preserved. Its picturesque houses date from the 16th and early 17th centuries. One of these is the Magušar House, which houses one of the most extensive private ceramics collections in Slovenia. In recent years, it has been transformed into a small museum.
The Neanderthal flute
In 1995, during an excavation in the Divje Babe cave in the west of Slovenia, archaeologists came upon a stunning find – a flute whose authenticity and immeasurable value were proven a decade later. This musical instrument was made by a Neanderthal some 45,000 years ago and is therefore the oldest in the world.
An exhibition of ancient weapons
Continuing in the past, Slovenian magazine presents ancient weapons, the historical development of which has been a result of their always being considered an attribute of power. A collection of cold steel weapons and firearms at the Celje Regional Museum is among the most important in Slovenia.
The Libera invention
In the six years of its existence, Instrumentation Technologies, a high-tech enterprise from Solkan, has made a breakthrough in the technological community by developing a state-of-the-art instrument called the Libera, which is now being used in science institutes and labs all over the world.
The diverse creativity of the painters Tušek
There are quite a few Slovenian families that share art as a connecting force, bringing together several generations. The painters Tušek are no exception, yet this father and son have very different ways of expressing themselves.
Photographer Jane Štravs
Jane Štravs is one of the most prominent contemporary Slovenian photographers. Whether it be portrait, fashion or commercial photography, the photographs of Jane Štravs are always more than just a document of our time.



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