SHOW 328 .. 22nd September 2007

- The Fratarica waterfalls  
- Rafting around Novo mesto
- Ana Desetnica festival 
- Singer Melita Osojnik 
- Innovator Tomaž Pevc 

The Fratarica waterfalls
The Posočje region, in the north-west of the country, is one of the most beautiful and remotest Slovenian mountain valleys – the Valley of the Loška Koritnica – is particularly charming due to the waterfalls that thunder down from the surrounding mountains. It isn’t called the valley of a hundred waterfalls for no reason.
Rafting around Novo mesto
There are few towns whose inhabitants have such a close relationship with a river as is the case in Novo mesto, whose old town centre is surrounded by the Krka. In the past, the people of Novo mesto took advantage of this, whereas today, a raft trip on the river offers a singular experience to the locals and tourists alike. This year, Novo mesto is competing for the flattering title of the most beautifully arranged medium-sized town in Europe.
Ana Desetnica festival
In the summer months, the streets of Slovenian towns come alive with culture. Among typical summer festivals that add a special charm to towns and cities is the Ana Desetnica International Street Theatre Festival. This year, the festival celebrated its tenth anniversary.  
Singer Melita Osojnik 
Melita Osojnik is an interesting personality on the Slovenian music scene. Apart from her songs for children, of which there are many, her other songs, which are a fusion of music and poetry, touch the human soul. She particularly cherishes traditional Slovenian songs.
Innovator Tomaž Pevc
There are people who like familiar, well-worn things, and then there are those who keep thinking how things could be changed and improved. Among the latter is Tomaž Pevc, one of some 1500 officially registered Slovenian innovators, who are attracting attention at international fairs and exhibitions.


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