SHOW 370 .. 05th September 2009

- Radensko polje
- Pliskovica
- Sculptor Janez Pirnat
- Osilnica Valley
- Bobbin lace made from wire

Radensko polje, a typical Karst plain
Slovenia is largely characterised by the Karst. There are nine distinctive Karst plains. The smallest among them is Radensko polje near Grosuplje, some 20 km to the southeast of the capital Ljubljana. It only covers 4 km2, yet it features all phenomena typically found on Karst plains. Radensko polje is about to be protected and proclaimed a landscape park.
The picturesque Karst village of Pliskovica
Pliskovica is a small, picturesque Karst village near Komen. As the crow flies, the village is only some 10 kilometres from the Adriatic coast. Around the village, surrounded by vineyards, runs a Karst learning trail for those who love to explore the beauty of the Karst and its secrets.
Sculptor Janez Pirnat
Sculptor and graphic artist Janez Pirnat has got art in his genes; his father was also a famous sculptor, painter and illustrator. Pirnat’s sculpting has been greatly marked by stone, which he has been working devoutly for decades. His preferred motifs are expressive faces, mainly female, which he engraves on chunks of rock and stone blocks that he leaves partly untouched. Janez Pirnat is a great admirer of old art, which is also reflected in his works.
Osilnica Valley
Although Slovenia is a small country and can be criss-crossed by car in a single day, there are still many secluded places situated away from the main thoroughfares and therefore almost forgotten. One such place is Osilnica Valley in the south of the country, at the upper stream of the Kolpa River. It is also called the land of Peter Klepec, named so after a legendary character from the Slovenian tales.
Bobbin lace jewellery made by Saša Pušnar
Bobbin lace, which has a long and fine tradition in Slovenia, has recently turned a different path – a modern and creative one. Saša Pušnar has found her expression in designing bobbin lace from wire.

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