SHOW 371 .. 19th September 2009

- The Škocjanski zatok nature reserve
- Palace Hotel Portorož
- Designer of boats
- Water-based energy trail along Soča 
- The traditional Semič wedding

The Škocjanski zatok nature reserve
On a very small area, Slovenia offers an exceptional mosaic of biotic, landscape and cultural diversity, therefore ranking among the countries with the highest level of biodiversity in the European Union. Currently, almost 11% of its area is under various protection agreements.
Škocjanski zatok is the largest brackish wetland in Slovenia, which was saved from ruin a few years ago and has since been protected as a nature reserve.
Palace Hotel – from ruins to all its splendour
Portorož is considered the most cosmopolitan seaside resort in Slovenia. It was first mentioned as a thermal spa in the 12th century, but it saw its heyday at the turn of the 19th into the 20th century. The magnificent Palace Hotel was built there at the time. In terms of beauty and grandeur, it was second to Excelsior in Venice in the area extending along the Adriatic Sea. In 1990, however, this pearl of Portorož had to be closed down as it had fallen into ruin, but today it shines again in all its splendour.
The nautical visions of Erik Šifrer
Erik Šifrer is a landscape architect who is always in search of new directions in industrial design and yacht construction. His Master’s thesis on designing a 36-metre-long carbon yacht called SJ 120 won him an award in Slovenia, while its successor, a yacht called Green Jet, has generated great interest around the world, appearing in many foreign nautical and design magazines.
Water- based energy trail in Most na Soči
Most na Soči is a picturesque settlement situated in the centre of the Soča Valley. Rich archaeological finds dating particularly from the times of the Hallstatt culture rank it among the most important prehistoric settlements not only in Slovenia, but also in Central Europe. A cultural and historical trail runs around the town and its surrounding area. This summer another trail was opened to the public, a water-based energy trail, which is the topic of our next report.
The traditional Semič wedding.
The Semič wedding is a traditional folk event in Bela Krajina in the south-eastern part of the country. The people of Bela Krajina have been putting a lot of effort into keeping this folk tradition alive. This year’s Semič wedding was the 15th in a row. It‘s been kept alive and performed by the Semič folk dance group, which has been active since 1945.


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