SHOW 372 .. 3rd October

- The Jožef Stefan Institute
- The town of Kanal
- Mokrice Castle 
- Furniture designer Dejan Pfeifer
- Painter Fulvia Zudič 

60th anniversary of Jožef Stefan Institute 
The leading scientific and research institute in Slovenia, the Jožef Stefan Institute, is this year celebrating its 60th anniversary. It was named after one of the most distinguished physicists of 19th century Slovenia. Jožef Stefan is the only Slovenian whose name was given to a law in physics, Stefan’s law relating the energy emitted by a black body to its temperature.
Kanal on the river Soča 
In the westernmost part of Slovenia, an emerald river flows down the beautiful Soča or Isonzo Valley. Although surrounded by mountains, in its lower part the valley opens into a vast plain. Several places of interest with diverse history can be found along the Soča, among them the ancient settlement of Kanal, located in the very heart of the valley.
Mokrice Castle
From the 10th century several hundred castles and manor houses were built in what is now Slovenia. Many of these have since become ruins, but several have undergone major renovation works. One of the most beautiful is Mokrice Castle, situated at the foot of the Gorjanci hills in south-eastern Slovenia, just next to the border with Croatia. The castle, surrounded by a more than 200-year-old park, designed in an English landscape style, boasts one of the most beautiful golf courses in the country.
Furniture Designer Dejan Pfeifer
Dejan Pfeifer is a graphics designer who has spent the last 15 years designing with wood. He produces bespoke furniture and other wooden products, which are not only functional, but also have an added aesthetic value. His studio, called The Tree, is striving towards the design of eco-friendly products. Dejan Pfeifer has always drawn from nature and favoured the Scandinavian designing tradition.
Painter Fulvia Zudič
Painter Fulvia Zudič has long been engaged in fashion design and costume design, but now she devotes most of her time to ceramics and painting. Her works radiate the shapes and colours typical of her beloved Mediterranean.

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