SHOW 373 .. 17th October 2009

- A model of she Sečovlje saltpans   
- Studenice 
- Designer Oskar Kogoj 
- Knoblehar's African Collection 
- Guitarist Anže Palka 

A model of the Sečovlje saltpans
The Sečovlje saltpans in the Bay of Piran are the northernmost saltpans of the Mediterranean. Although spanning over 650 hectares, only about 250 hectares are actually still used for salt production, following the 700-year old tradition. The Sečovlje saltpans, protected as a nature park, are now also featured in a three-dimensional model, an authentic portrayal of the saltpans.
Studenice is situated in eastern Slovenia, in a narrow valley at the foot of Boč, the highest peak of the Štajerska region. In the Antiquity, this place was famous for its healing water, while from the 13th century onwards it was particularly famous for its Dominican convent. The cloister got seriously damaged throughout the centuries and was in dire need of restoration work, which is currently underway. The building is the most precious monument of the Romanesque period in Slovenia.
Designer Oskar Kogoj
Oskar Kogoj is a world-famous designer, who has remained loyal to his native Miren near Nova Gorica, just next to the border with Italy. He is interested in the spiritual aspects of life, which is evident also in his work full of symbolism, featuring spiritual messages of the ancient civilisations. Oskar Kogoj’s masterpieces are kept by over 100 museums and collections throughout the world.
Knoblehar’s African Collection
In the mid 19th century, a Slovenian missionary in Sudan, Ignacij Knoblehar, was a pioneer researcher of the White Nile and a collector of African artefacts. The objects he brought to Slovenia, now kept at the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum, are considered one of the oldest European collections of objects belonging to the Nilotic people living along the Nile.
Guitarist Anže Palka
Anže Palka became interested in the guitar at the age of twelve, and later completed his postgraduate studies at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana. During his studies he received many prestigious awards and prizes. He is not only a guitarist, but also a composer

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