SHOW 378 .. 9th January 2010

- Postojna Cave 
- Painter Emerik Bernard 
- Designers J. Mršnik and V.Štih 
- Škofja Loka honey bread 
- Florist M. Planinšek

Postojna Cave
Almost half of Slovenia’s territory is covered by the Karst with its typical phenomena, including some 9000 researched caves and chasms. The largest and most visited among them is Postojna Cave, a complex network of 20 km of underground tunnels, galleries and halls hiding a wealth of exceptional calciferous creations. What is unique about Postojna Cave is a cave train that takes visitors into the heart of the underground world among nature’s magnificent creations.
Painter Emerik Bernard
Painter Emerik Bernard belongs to the very peak of contemporary Slovenian painting. His canvases are examples of aesthetic perfection, while the artist hovers on the brink between rational and deeply emotional worlds.
Designers J. Mršnik and V. Štih
Young designers Jana Mršnik and Vesna Štih create inventive multi-purpose products from environmentally friendly materials.
Škofja Loka honey bread
The craft of making figurative and ornately decorated honey pastry used to be widespread in Slovenia in the past. In some places it has even been preserved to this day. A type of such pastry was Škofja Loka honey bread, named so after one of the most beautifully preserved medieval towns in Slovenia. They are true masterpieces.
Florist Marjan Planinšek
Floral design can and should be considered a form of art. A lot of knowledge and ancient wisdom is connected with flowers; they accompany us from birth to death, inspiring creativity and making life more beautiful. Marjan Planinšek is a great expert on the secrets of flowers and an original designer of floral creations.


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