SHOW 442 .. 5th January 2013

- Painter Metka Krašovec
- The fossil heritage of the Tunjice hills
- Alpine Climber Marjan Manfreda
- Gorjuše pipes
- Idrija žlikrofi.

Painter Metka Krašovec
Metka Krašovec is one of Slovenias leading painters, a cosmopolitan to whom travels are a constant source of inspiration. This artist is a prominent figurative painter who has created a diverse and significant opus of paintings over the past forty years.
Slovenia is a country with an abundant paleontological heritage. Fossil sites in the Tunjice hills in the central part of the country are a splendid paleontological treasure trove of animal and plant fossils. Hiding among them are the remains of the worlds oldest seahorse fossil, which is some 13 million years old.
Alpine Climber Marjan Manfreda
There are many excellent mountain climbers in Slovenia who have tried to push the limits of whats possible, including in the Himalayas. In the 1970s, Marjan Manfreda-Marjon was the leading mountain climber of his generation in Slovenia. Even today, in his more mature years, this legendary mountaineer is still drawn to the rock faces, but he has also found a new passion in carving and sculpture.
Gorjuše pipes
Gorjuše is a highland hamlet near Bohinj in the northwest of the country, famous for its traditional pipe-making. In the past, over 3,500 beautifully decorated pipes were made and sold each year, mainly in Europe and the United States. Sadly, there are just a few makers of this outstanding Alpine heritage still active today.
Idrija žlikrofi
Last year the town of Idrija, with its great quick-silver mining heritage, made it onto the Unesco world heritage list. Also part of the mining history of the town is a culinary delicacy, the famous Idrija žlikrofi, now protected as a Traditional Speciality Guaranteed by the European Union. 


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