SHOW 445 .. 16th February


- Rajhenburg Castle 
- The Pivka park of military history 
- Pumpkin seed oil    
- Illustrator Damijan Stepančič 
- Pictures from pressed flowers

Rajhenburg Castle
Rajhenburg Castle in Brestanica in the east of Slovenia, believed to be the oldest castle in the country and the first to be mentioned in written records, has now been fully restored. The castle premises, which will be furnished in phases, will generally be dedicated to museum activities. But the castle will also be a venue for certain activities typically associated with some of its most famous owners – the Trappist monks.
The Pivka park of military history
A few years ago, a military history park was created in Pivka, today on an important traffic route on the way to the coastal region.  In the past the border between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire used to run here. A complex of old, decaying barracks has now been turned into a military museum, while also part of the park are the underground fortresses on nearby Primož Hill.
Pumpkin seed oil from the Kocbek oilmakers
In the north-east of Slovenia – in the Prekmurje and Štajerska regions – and in the neighbouring regions of Austria, Hungary and Croatia, the majority of the world’s pumpkin seed oil is produced. In our country, this culinary speciality, protected in the EU, has been produced since the beginning of the 18th century. The Kocbek family has had their oil-making plant at Stara Gora in the Slovenske gorice hills ever since 1929.
Illustrator Damijan Stepančič
Damijan Stepančič is one of the most prolific and popular illustrators in Slovenia. He is the author of a picture book with no text, a rarity not only in Slovenia but indeed worldwide, who, in addition to comic books, also thoroughly enjoys drawing illustrations for adults.
Pictures from pressed flowers by Mira Pikl
Mira Pikl has a fine sense of aesthetics and deploys admirable patience in placing pieces of pressed flowers and plants into an artistic mosaic, creating real miniature works of art.


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