SHOW 447 .. 16th March 2013

- Design studio Raketa
- Painter Janez Matelič
- Top-notch bows by Franci Oblak
- Bled cream cakes
- Felt-makers from Solčava
Design studio Raketa
Architects Katjuša Kranjc and Rok Kuhar have dedicated their careers to the art of interior design. Their motto is creating space where people feel good, interiors that people keep coming back to. In their seven years of working together, they have created seven projects, two of which have won the Interior of the Year Award.
Painter and graphic artist Janez Matelič
Painter and graphic artist Janez Matelič is considered a truly exceptional figure and landscape painter. His works reveal an ironic, witty and free artistic spirit that draws particularly on the picturesque Mediterranean environment. He owns a gallery and a graphic studio in the coastal town of Koper, where he lives.
Bow maker Franci Oblak
Franci Oblak, an outstanding designer and maker of bows, is an archer himself. His bows are highly regarded both at home and abroad, as they are fast, strong and accurate and exquisitely designed. Indeed the appearance of the bow means as much to him as the technical realisation. Each of his bows is unique, made by hand for each specific customer.
Bled cream cakes
The town of Bled, with its lake and picturesque island, is the most recognisable tourist attraction of Slovenia. And no visitor should leave it without tasting the famous Bled cream cake called kremšnita. This year is the 60th anniversary since this yellow and white desert with puff pastry top sprinkled with icing sugar first started delighting tourists and locals alike. To celebrate the occasion, the twelve millionth kremšnita is to be baked.
Felt-makers from Solčava
Solčavsko is a remote and sparsely populated area on the border with Austria. It was named after the small Alpine village of Solčava.
In the midst of pristine nature, locals are mostly occupied with the processing of wood and wool. High-quality wool from the autochthonous Jezersko-Solčava breed of sheep had long been used only for knitwear, but a few years ago the local women brought back to life the old tradition of felting.



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