SHOW 455 .. 28th September 2013

- Štanjel
- Mostnica gorge
- Ercigoj artwork, embroidered paintings
- Coodo architects 
- Istrian houses 
- Wooden eyewear - 

The old Karst settlement of Štanjel is considered an outstanding monument of town planning. The settlement, with its houses built on the terraces of a hill and fortified with medieval walls, has managed to maintain its medieval appearance.
Mostnica gorge
The Mostnica river, not far from Lake Bohinj, has carved into the surrounding rocks one of the most picturesque canyons of the Julian Alps. The roughly two-kilometre-long gorge, which is strewn with a variety of natural phenomena, is as little as one metre wide in places but can be up to 20 metres deep.
Embroidered paintings
The Ercigoj company, with its more than 90-year-long tradition of embroidery, has now ventured into the world of art. Using technology which they themselves designed and created and working closely with renowned Slovenian painters and photographers, they are now making superb embroidered wall paintings which have already surpassed the quality usually associated with the arts and crafts.
Coodo architects
Contemporary society has extremely high standards in both visual and functional aspects of living. With this in mind, the COODO architectural studio has begun creating innovative multi-purpose modular units. Their Mobile Living, as they call it, is increasingly popular not only in Slovenia, but also abroad.
Istrian houses
In the very heart of Istria, in the hinterland of Slovenia’s coast, modest houses have been designed in the village of Truške, ideal for tourists craving peace and harmony with nature. The houses are modelled on typical Istrian architecture and are a homage to former villagers, who used to take their produce on foot to be sold in the coastal city of Trieste.
Wooden glasses
People today seem to be more and more eco-conscious, giving priority to natural and ecological products. One of these is original and unique handcrafted wooden eyewear, which is the topic of our last report.

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