SHOW 457 .. 26th October 2013

- Adora innovation 
- Designer Nataša Šušteršič Plotajs   
- Photographer Matjaž Tančič 
- Base 20  
- Wells in Bizeljsko 

The innovative project Adora
The aim of any healthcare institution is to minimise the length of operations and improve their quality. A Slovenian student group, Dora from Maribor, has developed a technological solution that represents a new step in this direction. With their innovation of smart monitors for surgeons, the group won second place in the world student IT competition Imagine Cup.
Graphic designer Nataša Šušteršič Plotajs
Designer Nataša Šušteršič Plotajs has enriched the field of graphic design in Slovenia with posters and signs that stem from rebuses, words with multiple meanings and pictograms. She is a master of abstract shapes that enhance visual messages and a sensitive creator who listens closely to the beat of our civilisation.
Photographer Matjaž Tančič
For several years now, photographer Matjaž Tančič has been living in a triangle between his native Slovenia, London, where he studied, and China, where he is currently residing and creating. It was in China where he took the picture that prompted the World Photography Organisation to award him the title of the best 3D photographer in the world in 2013.
Base 20
Seventy years ago, an encampment was set up in a deep hollow amidst the extensive Kočevje forests in the southeast of Slovenia to serve as headquarters for the political and military leadership of the Slovenian resistance movement during World War II. Called Base 20, this is a unique example of the operations of a resistance movement in occupied Europe.
Wells in Bizeljsko
Bizeljsko, a hilly wine-growing region in the east of the country, only got a water distribution system as late as the 1970s, which means that almost every house used to have its own well. Many of these are still in operation today – most of them simply for watering gardens – though only a few have preserved their original appearance.

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