SHOW 458 .. 9th November 2013

 - Kostanjevica na Krki
- The Alpine Museum in Mojstrana
- Sculptor Alenka Viceljo 
- The Tolmin uprising 
- The castle of Duplje

Kostanjevica na Krki
Kostanjevica na Krki is the smallest town in Slovenia. As it is the only town situated on an island, it is often referred to as Slovenia's Venice. The town is also one of the oldest in the country and has managed to retain its medieval town plan. Today it is famous as an important cultural centre, taking great pride in its many works of art which actually outnumber its population.
The Alpine Museum
The Slovenians are a nation of mountain climbers. The local history of climbing and exploring the mountains started long before the beginnings of organised mountain climbing, in fact, long before Slovenia's Alpine Association was established, which is this year celebrating its 120th anniversary. Therefore it comes as a surprise that the first national Alpine museum was only set up recently, in 2010.
Sculptor Alenka Viceljo
Sculptor Alenka Viceljo does not make sculptures but paintings, and they are no ordinary paintings either, as they are painted on porcelain. Her images on this fine, delicate and translucent material are combined with cobalt blue, gold, silver and platinum. Her motifs are frequently enveloped into mythological, biblical, literary and sometimes even erotic imagery.
The Tolmin uprising
Exactly 300 years ago, the great Tolmin peasant uprising took place in the west of Slovenia, which has a special significance for the country and its history. It was one of the last large-scale peasant uprisings in Slovenia and the first held against the Court of Vienna rather than against the feudal lords. Its venerable anniversary was also commemorated in the Tolmin Museum.
The Castle of Duplje
In the past, Slovenia was a land of many castles and manor houses, although today many of them no longer exist or are in ruins. Still, quite a few have been beautifully restored and now have a completely new life. Some of them were given their new appearance by private owners, who invested their own funds into the restoration of what were formerly the homes of the nobility.







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