SHOW 460 .. 7th December 2013

- The olive groves of the Slovenian Istria
- Plečnik's church in Bogojina
- The Senzorium Theater of the Senses
- Illustrator Damijan Stepančič
- The Bled cream cake

The olive trees of the Slovenian Istria
Late October and November is the traditional season for picking olives and producing olive oil. Most of the olive groves in Slovenia are found in the Slovenian Istria, one of the most northerly regions where olives are grown. Fewer than 2000 hectares of land area is covered with olive groves, making Slovenia an insignificant global producer in terms of quantity. However, Slovenian olive oil is of very high quality.
The church in Bogojina
Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik created many famous works in both Slovenia and in Central Europe. Among his less famous creations is the church in Bogojina, in the northeast of Slovenia, which is considered by art historians to be one of the most beautiful churches in the country. The church is not ornately decorated, but it's rich in symbolism.
The Senzorium Theater of the Senses
Sensory theater brings a different approach to the stage arts, since it provides viewers with an experience rather than just cultural information. It speaks the language of the senses and emphasizes the interactivity between the actor and the viewer. There aren't many such theaters in Europe or elsewhere around the world, but Slovenia has one - the Senzorium Theater.
Illustrator Damijan Stepančič
Damijan Stepančič is one of the most prolific and popular illustrators in Slovenia. He is the author of a picture book with no text, a rarity not only in Slovenia but indeed worldwide. In addition to comic books, he also thoroughly enjoys drawing illustrations for adults.
The Bled cream cake
For centuries, Bled has thrilled lovers of natural beauty. Many tourists, however, also visit this Slovenian tourist pearl for its famous cream cakes.
The popular "kremšnita", as it's known in Slovenian, can be bought in any pastry shop across Slovenia, but the original cakes have been made only in the pastry workshop of Bled's Hotel Park for the past 60 years. During this time, the hotel has baked 12 million of them - enough for them to cover the distance between Bled and Rome if they were arranged in a line, one next to another.

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