SHOW 504 .. 15th January 2016

- Vipolže Villa 
- Ballet dancer Anton  Bogov 
- Graphic designer Nenad Cizl 
- Ice climbers Premrl/Anderle 
- Felt makers of the Solčavsko region 

Vipolže Villa
Goriška Brda is a picturesque region of soft undulating hills situated in the westernmost part of Slovenia. Last year it won the European Destination of Excellence title. One of the hills features Vipolže mansion, which was built centuries ago and is considered among the most beautiful Renaissance villas in Slovenia.
Ballet dancer Anton Bogov
Anton Bogov is one of the most recognizable ballet dancers in Slovenia. He came to Maribor from Russia by chance, and has been dancing with the Slovene National Theatre in Maribor for twenty years. Although he has been invited to join the biggest ballet houses in the world where he often performs, he’s stayed loyal to Maribor where he has settled down and started a family.
Graphic designer Nenad Cizl
Nenad Cizl is an outstanding graphic designer and illustrator, the winner of numerous awards at national and international marketing and visual communications festivals. He works with various cultural institutions, including the distinguished Maribor Theatre Festival.
Ice climbers
Ice climbing or scaling ice-covered waterfalls is considered among the most dangerous forms of alpine climbing. Slovenian ice climbers Klemen Premrl and Aljaž Anderle belong among the best in the world. They made a name for themselves by scaling the floating icebergs of Greenland.
The felt makers of Solčavsko
Solčavsko is a remote and sparsely populated region in the north of the country along the border with Austria. The local people mainly deal with wood and wool processing. The high-quality wool from the indigenous jezersko-solčava breed of sheep has long been used for knitwear only, but a decade ago, the local women revived the old tradition of felt making.

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