SHOW 506 .. 12th February 2016


- Postal Museum
- The reawakening of
  Istria’s Villages
- Cave diver Marko Krašovec
- Costume designer Leo Kulaš
- Lig masks made by Branko Žnidarčič

Postal Museum
Slovenia received its first postal museum some 30 years ago. It was originally located in Škofja Loka, but in 2008, it moved to the town of Polhov Gradec. Recently, it became the first Slovenian museum – and one of only a handful in Europe – to be made fully accessible to the blind and the visually impaired.
The reawakening of Istria’s Villages
The Istrian peninsula, divided between Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy, is the largest oasis of green in the northern Adriatic. Inland, behind Slovenia’s coastal towns, lush fields, vineyards, and olive groves spread out across the hills and valleys. In the last century, people departed this area in large numbers; villages were left almost deserted, and many houses became ruins. But in recent decades life has slowly been returning to these picturesque hamlets.
Cave diver Marko Krašovec
The cave diver and film-maker Marko Krašovec is one of Slovenia’s most experienced experts on the world that lies beneath the surface of the earth. He has been researching and diving in cave waters for nearly half a century, and through photography and film he introduces others to the beauties of this subterranean realm.
Costume designer Leo Kulaš
Costume designer Leo Kulaš has been on the performing arts scene for three decades, both in Slovenia and abroad. He has received numerous prizes for his work in theatre, ballet, opera, and film. His costumes are valued for both their aesthetic purity and rich imagination.
Lig masks made by Branko Žnidarčič
Even if winters aren’t what they used to be, we still look forward to springtime. And the masks of the carnival season are among the harbingers of spring. Slovenia is truly rich in its carnival masks. Today we introduce you to the masks from the Lig area, in western Slovenia, which are notable especially because they are made out of aluminium. 

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