SHOW 508 .. 11th March 2016

- Krakovo forest
- Speleotherapy in Sežana 
- Pile dwellings and illustrator Igor Rehar 
- Photographer Matjaž Krivic
- Fashion designer Sanja Grcić

Krakovo Forest
Krakovo Forest in the southeast of Slovenia is the largest complex of the flooded lowland oak forest in Slovenia. There are about 40 hectares of protected virgin forest preserved in the very heart of Krakovo Forest. The forest is also home to many endangered animal and plant species.
For over two decades, Sežana Hospital has been providing rehabilitation treatment to pulmonary patients in a cave. Although Sežana is located in the Karst region featuring many natural underground caves, treatment is carried out in an artificial cave located just next to the hospital. The cave’s clean air and constant temperature and humidity offer extremely favourable conditions for pulmonary patients.
Pile dwellings and Igor Rehar
In 2011, prehistoric pile dwellings of five Alpine countries, including Slovenia, were listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. These are the remains of prehistoric pile dwelling settlements dating from 5,000 to 500 BC. Two pile dwelling settlements from the Ljubljana Marshes made it on the list. Very little of the pile dwellings remains in their original setting, but illustrator Igor Rehar has made a very detailed reconstruction of these dwellings.
Photographer Matjaž Krivic
Matjaž Krivic is a world-renowned photographer, known for his panoramic photographs of pristine places and portraits of people who remain true to traditional ways of life. He has won many awards, and has also been declared the Travel Photographer of 2010. This year, he was one of the winners of the prestigious World Press Photo Contest, where his photograph of a miner from Burkina Faso won second prize in the People category.                                                                                                                                                             Designer Sanja Grcić
The East European queen of style. This is the title given to fashion and costume designer Sanja Grcić in New York, where her creations have been presented at fashion shows since 2009. Her exhibitions and fashion shows, which also feature adaptations of Slovenia’s national symbols, are her highly inspirational response to social events worldwide.                                                                                                                                     


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