SHOW 509 .. 25th March 2016

- Ljubljana and water 
- The monastery at Kostanjevica na Krki
- The Ajdovščina archaeological park
- Ceramic artist Nataša prestor
- Bela krajina easter eggs

Ljubljana and water
Water, especially clean water, is becoming an increasingly rare commodity. Ljubljana, which has been named the European Green Capital of 2016, can take pride in its abundant water sources. In fact, it is one of the few capitals in Europe with high-quality, technologically untreated tap water. An exhibition on water at Ljubljana’s City Museum tells us that even in Roman times people knew about the area’s excellent groundwater.
Kostanjevica na Krki
Kostanjevica na Krki is the oldest and smallest town in Dolenjska, the region in south-eastern Slovenia. Situated on a man-made island in the Krka River, the town is also known as the Venice of Dolenjska because of its frequent floods and many cultural monuments. One of Kostanjevica’s main attractions is the old Cistercian monastery, which today serves as an art gallery. 
The Archaeological Park on Ajdovščina Hill
Throughout history, the territory of present-day Slovenia was settled by different cultures, leaving many traces behind them. One of Slovenia’s latest archaeological sites can be found on Ajdovščina Hill above the village of Rodik near Kozina. Since this area is so rich in archaeological finds, as well as myth and folklore, researchers from the University of Primorska have designed a park there devoted to mythology and archaeology.
Ceramic artist Nataša Prestor
Ceramic artist Nataša Prestor makes small sculptures in clay, by which she continues the tradition of Slovenia’s potters who also design figural ceramics. She gives her work a very personal and distinctive mark, even as she borrows her subjects from the local folk traditions. In her house on the edge of Planinsko polje, she also organizes exhibitions, art colonies and workshops.
Easter eggs from Bela krajina
Slovenia has a long and diverse tradition of colouring eggs. Each region has its own name for them, and its own typical designs and ways of making them. Some of our most beautiful and distinctive Easter eggs are the pisanice from the Bela krajina region.


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