SHOW 511 .. 06th May 2016

- Turjak Castle
- Painter Irena Polanec
- Stone roofs on the Karst
- Miniature carts carts and carriages
  by Janez Širok
- Matej Markovič, athlete
  and humanitarian 

Turjak Castle
Turjak Castle is one of Slovenia’s most important and most famous castles. From its beginnings right up to the Second World War, it was owned by the Counts of Auersperg, who were also called the Counts of Turjak. They were one of the most prominent aristocratic families on the territory of present-day Slovenia. The castle, which is located some 20 kilometres southeast of Ljubljana, is today owned by the state and has been declared a cultural and historical landmark. 
Painter Irena Polanec
Irena Polanec is a distinctly original artist with ties to both Slovenia and France. It was in France that she came into her own – in Paris, where she lived for 15 years and which she still considers her second home. It was here she had her first successes and where her Eves were born – that’s what she calls her large series of paintings of enigmatic women. Today she exhibits her work in the great art capitals of the world.                                                                                                               
The stone roofs of the Karst
From Trieste in Italy to Dubrovnik in Croatia, the eastern Adriatic coast with its hinterland is connected not only by similar histories, cultures, and architectures, but also by a shared geological history – a history of stone. This traditional building material was the focus of Roof Of Rock, a three-year-long research project supported by the four countries in the region.                     
Miniature carts and carriages
It’s said that there were once at least 50 types of carts and carriages in Slovenia, which were used for all sorts of purposes. Janez Širok makes miniatures of these vehicles because he wishes to preserve the memory of times that are quickly being forgotten. Along with his carts and carriages, he has also started producing other objects from Slovenia’s cultural and ethnological heritage.
Matej Markovič  
Matej Markovič is an extreme athlete, an ultra-triathlete who has won many victories in international Ironman competitions. In recent years he’s combined his sporting career with charitable work, organizing a number of humanitarian actions to help people in need. His most-acclaimed project is A Heart for Slovenia, which has twice raised money for school supplies for disadvantaged children.                                                                                                                              

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