SHOW 512 .. 20th May 2016

- Novo mesto
- Social enterprise The Second Violin  
- Violin maker Pavel Skaza 
- Slovenska Bistrica Castle   
- Gingerbread from Radovljica

Novo mesto
Novo mesto, the centre of the Dolenjska region, was established in 1365 by the Austrian Archduke Rudolf IV. Although the archduke named it after himself as Rudolfswerth, the local population has always called it Novo mesto, or New City in English. Its cultural and historical treasure trove make this city, which lies just next to the Krka river, one of the most distinguished in Slovenia.
The Second Violin
Druga violina, or The Second Violin in English, may at first sight seem like an ordinary Ljubljana restaurant in the old city centre. But there is so much more hidden behind its doors. Special waiters serve food there. This is a place that offers employment to people with special needs who still frequently have to face prejudice and experience difficulties in finding a job, despite the open society we like to think we live in.
A violin maker
And now to real violins. Pavel Skaza from Vitanje is one of the few Slovenians who still make violins and other string instruments. His violins are based on the designs and models of the old Italian masters. They are all made by hand out of environment-friendly materials.
Slovenska Bistrica Castle
Slovenska Bistrica Castle in the northeast of Slovenia is closely linked to the development of the town of Slovenska Bistrica. The castle’s last owners, members of the Attems family that owned the castle for almost 230 years, left an indelible mark on it. The Attems counts also had the extraordinary Knights’ Hall decorated with frescoes. Today, the castle is the main venue of many cultural events in the town. 
Gingerbread from Radovljica
Lectarstvo, or gingerbread-making, is one of the oldest crafts in Slovenia, as it was first mentioned in the 14th century. Today, however, there are just a few gingerbread makers around. The Lectar inn in Radovljica is celebrating two anniversaries this year: the 250th anniversary of gingerbread-making in their over 500-year-old house, and the 10th anniversary since this activity has been revived again by the Andrejaš family.



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