SHOW 299 .. 31st March 2006

- St. George’s Church In Piran 
- Scenographer Meta Hočevar 
- Illustrator Zvonko Čoh 
- Cuisine Of The Savinja Valley 
- Zither Players 

The Piran Church of St. George
The city of Piran is truly the pearl of the Slovenian coast. This old Mediterranean town is an open-air museum, stirring the imagination of its visitors with scenes of its preserved medieval core and remarkable architectural and cultural heritage. Though not noticeable at first glance, there is also a number of churches in the city, the most prominent one being the church of St. George, the town’s patron.
Scenographer Meta Hočevar
Meta Hočevar is a versatile theatre creator – a scenographer, costume designer and theatre director. Her scenography, which has brought her critical acclaim at home and abroad, is minimalistic, even ascetic. It has even been said that she is not only a scenographer, but a creator of spaces where theatre then takes place.
Illustrator Zvonko Čoh
Zvonko Čoh is an exceptional artist and one of the most sought after Slovenian illustrators. Even though animated films are his true love – something he already became passionate about during his studies of painting – he has been devoting much of his attention to illustration – witty, funny images that bring the laughter out of both children and adults.
Culinary delights from the Upper Savinja Valley
Filled pig stomach, which has also been geographically protected, is a first-rate culinary speciality which can be found in the Upper Savinja Valley in the north of the country. The making of this specialty is restricted to this particular valley, since its pre-alpine climate is especially suitable for its natural drying. The makers of this specialty even have their own association. But that is not to say that there are no other culinary delights in the region.
Zither players
The zither is an old, table-top instrument. Its mild, gentle sound is known in many parts of the world, even though it is traditionally perceived as an alpine instrument. However, in the last decade or so, playing the zither is being reinvented in Slovenia – much like elsewhere in Europe.


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