SHOW 301 .. 28th April 2006

- Krakovo forest 
- Puppeteer silvan omerzu   
- Portrait of Marko Munih 
- Comics and beehive panels  
- Jewellery by Olga Košica  

Krakovo forest - the largest oak forest in Slovenia
Forests are Slovenia’s great natural resource, covering more than a half of its territory – 53% to be exact. The Krakovo forest in the south-eastern part of the country is the largest oak forest in Slovenia and it has been protected as a forest reserve. It is visited by scientists from all over Europe who come here to observe a number of particular and rare plant and animal species.
The puppet world of Silvan Omerzu
Silvan Omerzu is a man of many talents, most notably he’s an all-round puppeteer – puppet creator, set designer and director. He’s introduced new sensitivity and recognisable poetics to the art of puppetry in Slovenia. His shows have won many awards, including a prestigious Slovenian cultural award, the Prešeren Fund Award, which he received for his latest trilogy.
Conductor Marko Munih
Marko Munih is one of the best established and highly respected Slovenian conductors. During his successful career he’s conducted two greatest Slovenian symphonic orchestras and the prominent Tone Tomšič Academic Choir which has reached one of the peaks of its development under his baton. This year, Marko Munih is celebrating his 70th anniversary.
Beehive panels in comics
Painted beehive panels are a Slovenian particularity. They first appeared in the second half of the 18th century. At the start of the 20th century, however, beehive panel painting died away. Until today, more than 600 different motifs have been preserved. Beehive panels have overwhelmed a French author of comics and an interesting international project was born.
Jewellery by Olga Košica
Fashion designer Olga Košica is studied at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London. Her jewellery, in which she combines different techniques and materials, is inspired by nature.



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